Physical theatre

With Buhle Ngaba Script: Buhle Ngaba Director: Ilana Cilliers Artist: Amy Rusch Stage Manager: Ryan Haynes

There is an ancient belief that swans, who are usually silent, burst into song with their dying breath. The swan song is the metaphor used to describe the final gesture or performance given by an artist just before death or retirement. Actress Buhle Ngaba uses this metaphor in a solo physical theatre piece to illustrate a woman’s recollection of experiencing love as an emotional and physical disease. The audience finds themselves immersed in a nest, bearing witness to the dying swan unleashing her first flood of words upon the world. In memory of Brett Goldin.

English | Family | R20 | 20 min. | In front of the Absa Burgersentrum

Daagliks tussen 10:00 tot 12:00 en 15:00 tot 19:00


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